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Clean-XP 2.0 PRO 2.0.264

Clean-XP 2.0 PRO 2.0.264

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Clean-XP 2.0 PRO Publisher's Description

Clean-XP 2.0 PRO description

Clean-XP 2.0 PRO is an improved version of Clean-XP 1.17. With Clean-XP 2.0 PRO, not only you can make a hard disk cleaning, but also you can improve your system by chosing among hundred of different registry options.

In a brief theme that I wrote some months ago, I tryed to explain how a user can recover about a hundred of MB, only by shifting the system folder I386 which, as default, is placed in the directory “C:Windows” and by changing some register parameters.

This time I mean to consider other heavy things, which are generated by Windows XP, in a very massive way. In fact every user has realized that, although he didn’t set other application programs and he daily cleaned the Internet explorer cache folder and other temporary folders, the hard disc memory that is occupied by the system, increases in an incredible way. Perhaps somebody would understand why it happens. Well. The main reason is the following: the periodic updating operation that Windows update makes by Windows update service. In fact, like many people know, some data are allocated in appropriate folders. But only few users know that many files, amounting to many hundred of megabytes, after installing patches, are quite useless. We must remember that, if these data are not removed one by one, they will remain inside the hard disc, whose memory space will be occupied in an excessive way.

In order to solve the problem and obtain a quick, constant system cleaning, to delete useless data hidden in some programs folders, you can download Clean-XP© (windows XP Cleaner and Optimizer), a tool, which uses a simple control batch chain. In the right moment, Clean-XP© is suitable to remove the contents of about main fifty directories with subfolders. (In some systems it deletes many hundred of megabytes with one operation). It includes several tools in order to clean the register and to remove the backup of hundred files reg (e.g. Regcleaner, Registry Mechanic, RegSupreme, RegClean, WinDoctor). These files are never deleted.

Clean-XP - System requirement:

CPU :Pentium II 500 minimum.
Memory : 128 MB RAM (or more).
SVGA: 32 MB Memory (or more)
Free hard drive space : 10 MB
Operating system : Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003

::. Clean-XP 2.0 - Some integrated functions .::

MECHANICAL WORKS (Integrated Maintenance Console)
(Launch software you want from a single console)


Launch besides:

Windows Update
... . ...
System File Check
System Restore
System Information
Disk Management
MS Config
Registry Editor
System Admin
Application Admin
Device management

ONE BUTTON to optimize your system




Disable Screen Saver
Install FSI icons (Arrow, Wait, Busy icons)
Install BrandBitmap IE Icon
Install FSI Colors (Classic view)


Add Register / Unregister to Right Click Menu of .dll Files
Add Register / Unregister to Right Click Menu of .ocx Files
Add Command Prompt Here to Right Click Menu of Folders
Add Empty Recycle Bin to Right Click Menu
Add Open With Notepad to Right Click Menu of Unknown Files
Remove Briefcase and Rich-Text-Document from New Menu
Remove Toolbars from Right Click Menu of Taskbar
Remove Nvidia Display from Right Click Menu of Desktop
Add Control Panel to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Add/Remove Programs to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Device Manager to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Registry Editor to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Services to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add LogOff to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Reboot to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Shutdown to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Microsoft Configurator to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Sound And Audio Devices to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Internet Properties to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Windows Security Center to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Windows Firewall to Right Click Menu of My Computer
Add Checkdisk Context Menu to Right Click Menu of Hard Disk
Add Defrag Context Menu to Right Click Menu of Hard Disk


Sort My Computer above My Documents on Desktop
Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Remove Shotcut To.. Prefix on Desktop Shorcut Names
Remove Arrow Overlay from Desktop Shortcuts
Put My Computer Shortcut on Desktop
Put My Network Places Shortcut on Desktop
Put My Documents Shortcut on Desktop
Put Printers Shortcut on Desktop
Put Scheduled Tasks Shortcut on Desktop
Put Network Connections Shortcut on Desktop
Show Windows Version and Build on Desktop
Rename My Computer
Rename My Documents
Rename Recycle Bin
Rename My Network Places
Rename Internet Explorer


Show Administrator Account on Welcome Screen
Disable Unread Mail Message on Welcome Screen
Disable Welcome Screen
Set Account to Auto Logon
Disable Fast User Switching
Set Logon Box Background Image


Disable Preview of Movie File Formats
Show Volume Icon in the System Tray
Disable Windows Navigation Sounds
Disable Unnecessary Sounds
Disable All Sounds
Enable Default Sounds


Add Printers And Faxes to My Computer
Add Network Connections to My Computer
Add Administrative Tools to My Computer
Add Scheduled Tasks to My Computer


Remove Sign Up with Passport Wizard
Store more DNS Entries
Maximize Number of Simultaneous Connections
Enable Faster Web Page Loading
Disable Quality of Service (QoS)
Show Network Errors
Increase Network Throughput
Increase Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Packet Size
Mount Net-Drives First
Remove Shared Documents from My Computer
Disable Simple File Sharing


Disable the Ability to Right Click on the Desktop
Disable ALL Access to Control Panel
Disable Folder Options from Explorer Tools Menu
Disable Internet Options from Internet Explorer Tools Menu
Hide Screen Saver Tab in Display Properties
Disable Default Hidden Shares
Prompt for Password when Computer Resumes from Standby
Disable Registry Editing Tools
Disable Windows Installer
Disable the Windows Hotkeys
Disable Access to Display Settings
Hide Set Program Access and Defaults in Add/Remove Programs
Disable Universal Plug'n'Play Service
Disable Registry Editing Tools
Don't show Screen Apparence Page
Don't show Screen Background Page
Disable Low Disk Space Checks
Disable Folder Options
Disable Task Bar Context Menu
Don't show Internet Explorer icon
Disable Personal Dir Change
Disable MyPictures Dir Change
Disable MyMusic Dir Change
Disable Favorites Dir Change
Disable Windows Update Site Links
Disable ability to delete printers


Disable 'Send Information To The Internet' Prompt
Disable Auto-Complete Prompt
Enable Internet Connection Firewall/Sharing
Disable Internet Explorer Cookie 'Privacy Icon' Prompt
Add ExtraURL's To Auto URL Searches (.gov/.mil/
Set Window Title
Set HomePage
Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder When Browser Is Closed
Skip Internet Connection Wizard
Max Internet Explorer Simultaneous Downloads To 10
Remove 'Links' Folder From Favorites
Disable Auto Re-Size Of Images
Disable Script Debugger
Clear All Internet Explorer Add-Ons (Objects/Extensions/Toolbars)
Enable Status Bar
Disable Install On Demand Settings
Remove GO Button From Address Bar
Remove Underline From Hyperlinks
Use Smooth Scrolling
Disable Spying By Websites
Set Google As Default Search Page
Restore File Associations
Change Enviroment Path
Optimize Internet Explorer Settings


Disable Automatic Restart in the Event of a BSOD
Make XP Register with Microsoft Unnecessary (Windows Update)
Disable Group Policy Duplication
Clear Page File at Shutdown
Disable Hibernation
Power Computer Off after Shutdown
Disable NeroCheck from Startup
Disable MSN Messenger from Startup
Disable ****** from Startup
Disable QuickTime Task from Startup
Disable Winamp Agent from Startup


Speed up Opening of My Computer and Windows Explorer
Speed up Copying/Moving of .ZIP Files
Speed up Shutdown
Speed up Access to .AVI Media Files
Speed Up Browsing Remote Computers
Optimize Core System Performance
Disable MFT Fragmentation
Disable TimeStamp
Disable Dr. Watson
De-Link Internet Explorer from Windows Explorer
Optimize Core System Performance
More Memory to the Icons
Optimize Hard Disk Idle
IO Page Lock Limit For 256 MB
IO Page Lock Limit For 512 MB
IO Page Lock Limit For 756 MB and More
Enable Optimum Prefetcher Settings
Put System File Check Quota to 50 MB
Put System File Check Quota to 100 MB
Put System File Check Quota to Default
Disable System Restore
Set System Restore To 7 days
Optimize NTFS MFT Zone


Disable Security Warning Popup when Running Files
Disable Windows Security Center Service
Disable Information Bar Prompt in Internet Explorer
Disable Anti-Virus Notifications
Disable Firewall Notifications
Disable Search Windows Update for Drivers Prompt
Override Anti-Virus
Override Windows Firewall
Remove Display Of Zone Infomation In File Properties
Set Automatic Updates to Check but Don't Install
Disable Automatic Updates Notifications

Clean-XP© (Windows XP Cleaner): Some Cleaning directories

Registry unused keys
System Temp folders
Iinternet Explorer Cache
Offline Web Pages
Symantec Shareds
Microsoft AntiSpyware
Registry Mechanic
SoftwareDistribution (Microsoft Windows Update)
$hf_mig$ (Microsoft Windows Update)
Sun Java
Ad-Aware SE Professional
Macromedia Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat 7.0
Alcohol 120
Grisoft Avg7Data
Copernic 2001 Pro
Copernic 2001 Plus
Copernic 2001 Basic
Microsoft Movie Maker
ICQ 2000b
ICQ 2002a
Mass Downloader
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Office
CyberLink PowerDVD
RealOne Player
Spybot - Search & Destroy
Weebroot Spy Sweeper
Driver Cleaner Pro
TiVo Desktop
eTrust Internet Security Suite
Spyware Doctor
Raxco PerfectDisk
CuteFTP Pro
Ewido Security Suite
Grisoft Avg7Data
Microsoft Dr Watson
Yahoo! Messenger

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